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Updated: Sep 9, 2019

A birthstone that has been popular since the Middle Ages, the Sapphire was worn by the Greek Ancestors when seeking guidance or answers from the Gods - hence why the stone is usually blue, a colour that signifies the heavens, hope and faith. Its values are one of power and strength but also kindness. It's no wonder that even in this day and age the Sapphire is ever the more popular.

The qualities of a Sapphire is what makes this precious stone so desirable. With it's excellent colour, hardness and durability, this specific type of stone is becoming increasingly popular by our clients. Although diamonds still are of popular value to many, the Sapphire is an exquisite choice for those wanting a bright pop of colour in their bespoke jewellery design.

The colour and price.

bespoke pink sapphire engagement ring made by House of Solus in the Jewellery Quarter
Custom made pink sapphire engagement ring

So what do you look out for when it comes to selecting a Sapphire? Although Sapphires come in many colours it's the blue colour that is most well known with this stone.

The colour of a Sapphire determines how highly valued the stone is. The most expensive Sapphires tend to be a deep / velvety blue in colour. It's this royal blue colour that is associated with Royalties. The most famous blue sapphire ring was that of the late Princess Diana which is now worn by Princess Catherine.

At the other end you have the more commercial looking stones, which are more of a greenish blue colour.

If you're looking for a more unique colour then the Pink Sapphire is particularly eyecatching. This colour can range from a reddish purple to a light orangey pink with the orange / pink being the most valuable. Red Sapphires are actually known as rubies. Don't be surprised at the colour change in a Sapphire. This stone is known for the colour to shift in certain lights - making this stone even more intriguing.

Bespoke, pink sapphire halo engagement ring made in the Jewellery Quarter
Bespoke, Pink Sapphire halo engagement ring


Blue Sapphires generally do have some inclusions as most stones, but they do have a better clarity than a ruby. The less inclusions, especially in a Sapphire then the more valuable it will be.

Sapphires have a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale, making it the second hardest mineral. Because of their hard wearing element, this stone makes an excellent choice for an engagement ring. It's durability makes it a good stone for every day wear.

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