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Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Courtesy of Forbes via Pinterest,

We love this time of year; not just for the wonderfully creamy hot

chocolate that we consume way too much, nor the bright Christmas lights of Warstone Lane, but for looking ahead into the new year.

January always greets us with a surge in re-design appointments meaning we have keep our fingers on the pulse when it comes to the latest jewellery trends. It's a good job we have our own personal stylist in Style by Kate on the team who debriefs us annually on what will be big for the following year.

So here, in her own words, is Kate to bring you the jewellery forecast for 2020.

Jewellery can often go unrecognised when it comes to looking at trends for the following year. With so much emphasis put on what clothes you

will be wearing for the next season we, as consumers, can often forget

about the little things that can finish off an outfit perfectly. As attention is focused more on sustainable and ethical fashion I'm hoping that shopping and spending habits will also change. The beauty of jewellery is that it should last for a lifetime. Investment pieces that can be worn day to day or with that statement dress will be kept and treasured for years. The beauty of bespoke jewellery is that a piece can be made just for you and to your exact specifications. A piece that will be cherished and one of the core values of sustainability; quality pieces that you value.

People can often be misinformed that bespoke jewellery only sits within fine jewellery that you will wear daily such as engagement and wedding rings. In my work for House of Solus, one of the most exciting things is looking at the latest re-design project the team are working with. Many of our clients starting a redesign project come into the studio with a piece of sentimental jewellery that may have been inherited or gifted to them and is not quite to their personal taste. If this sounds familiar, then an initial design appointment is something that you may want to consider for the new year. Before you do book, have a think about the kind of jewellery that you like to wear and what it is that inspires you, but above all rest assured that the team will design with the sentimentality in mind, ensuring that your final piece compliments the original design. If you're stuck for ideas then inspiration could may be found in what is to come so please sit back with a cup of that favourite christmas hot chocolate, as I bring you the top jewellery trends for 2020.


Anyone that knows me personally knows that I love a hoop, so you'll be unsurprised to know that I am delighted that, for next year, they will be the thing to be seen in. For SS20 hoops will be everywhere. No matter the shape or size they are the perfect accessory to finish off any outfit. From delicate, diamond hoops that will go perfectly from desk to dinner or longer more oval shaped hoops, there will be a hoop for all preferences. An exceptional quality bespoke 9 or 18 carat white gold hoop is a timeless style and will last forever.


As the effort for consuming in a more ethical and sustainable way continues, jewellery designers have taken note and the runway featured jewellery that included natural elements within the design. Jewellery featuring materials such as wood were very much present creating a strong and masculine look. Unsurprisingly natural themes are always a popular concept in men's wedding rings and the beauty of bespoke is that we can incorporate almost any aspect of nature in your design, creating a totally unique piece of jewellery always designed specifically for the individual who will wear it.


Sphere earrings from Marni

This trend is a personal favourite of mine due to the versatility of the design. Whether they are featured on necklaces, earrings or rings the sphere design is great way of adding a contemporary feel to any piece of jewellery.

SS20 sees spheres featured in so many different ways. From long drop earrings to lockets, this design could be a great talking point in your bespoke design appointment, and a perfect way to modernise an inherited or gifted piece with redesign.


The choker is back for 2020. Whilst this year saw the choker as a more delicate accessory, next year it's being defined as big, bold and powerful. If you have perhaps a lot of scrap metal that you don't know how to repurpose, a statement choker could be the perfect answer. A choker in yellow gold would finish a confident look in a classic way.


If big and bold necklaces are not your style then maybe the long necklace trend for 2020 is more for you. The 'Y' shape design necklace is particularly on point for next season combining feminine delicacy with length the make a statement. This is a great design due to its versatility. Not only can they be doubled up but they can also be worn multiple times around your wrist. The design exudes femininity and sophistication with the bespoke element allowing you to use any metal or design elements from those we can see across the runways to create a piece that is perfect for you. Another trend that lends itself wonderfully for redesign of stones or metal you may already possess but are sitting unworn in a jewellery box.


Think 90's revival. Think 90's Versace. Links within jewellery is definitely getting a major comeback and again it's bigger and better than ever. We saw it on the runway with Gucci with their SS20 collection. I personally prefer link jewellery to be in gold, paying homage to that 90's strong, powerful look. Link chains are a classic and many may already own a piece of this style that we at House of Solus can alter to bring up to date and to suit you.

Regardless of your personal preference or taste and whether you're looking for something designed completely brand new or looking to give new life to a current piece, We can work alongside you to create the perfect jewellery. House of Solus pride ourselves in ensuring that everything is made to our client-led designs and is current and on trend leading each appointment with these aspects in mind. We hope that our in-house personal stylist has helped to guide your inspiration for 2020 and look forward to welcoming you to the studio soon.

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