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So you've met the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Firstly a huge congratulations. Every potential client that walks through our doors we love hearing their story. Of how they met and perhaps the most important (and personally exciting) thing for us is how they're thinking of proposing. Our social media manager has even shed the occasional tear! But then reality kicks in and you're left with making sometimes the difficult decision of choosing the engagement ring. Whether you're going shopping together or flying solo, before you book an appointment at our design studio read these helpful tips which will hopefully make things a bit clearer when it comes to deciding on that all important ring.


If you're deciding to go it alone and want to surprise your partner with the ring of their life then deciding on a shape is a pretty big decision. If you are completely clueless then perhaps get an idea from their social media accounts. Platforms such as Pinterest and other visual sites are great for engagement ring ideas. We more often than not get a lot of clients coming in with no idea what carat or metal they want but they are decided on the shape their partner likes, and that's mainly due to Pinterest.

When it comes to diamond shape each ring of course is priced according to the shape, cut and clarity of the diamond. So if we know this information beforehand then it will give you a clearer indicator from the get go what you can achieve with the budget you had in mind. Round cuts for instance tend to be the most expensive whereas pear or marquis shape rings tend to be less so. If you want more carats but not sure on shape then going for one of the latter shapes could work in your favour cost wise.


Talking of cost. The carat of a ring is one of the biggest factors when it comes to the price. If you can have a conversation with your other half about carat sizes and what she would feel comfortable wearing then do. Some bride to be's would prefer a higher spec diamond, others would rather sacrifice the quality and prefer a bigger stone. Do not be fooled that a bigger diamond doesn't necessarily mean a more expensive ring. If carat size is important to you other half then remember to be flexible on budget when it comes to the size and shape of the ring. If you are shopping together it is sometimes worth trying on different shapes as some styles may come as a pleasant surprise.

For more information on diamonds and what to look for then read our previous post: 'What to look for in a diamond.'


At the design studio we can offer any metal you desire. The most common metals are however 9 and 18 carat white, yellow and rose gold and of course platinum and palladium. White gold, Platinum and Palladium look extremely similar but there is a cost difference with platinum costing more. Platinum is a heavier weight but as it's a softer metal it can easily scratch. At the design studio we will ask you to take into account your lifestyle when thinking about metals. If for instance you work with your hands a lot then maybe a more durable metal might be best. You will also want to consider what metal you'd like from a wedding band as they will usually be the same as the engagement ring.


It may seem simple but make sure you are getting your finger measured correctly. We offer this with every design appointment. If your partner is not there then perhaps you can borrow a ring of there's that you know fits that we can measure against. A ring should be snug, but not so much that it cuts off your circulation and not loose that it feels like it could come off over your knuckle. As with all bespoke purchases ring sizes can be altered afterwards. However you might want to think about the finer things such as engraving until you know the ring is a perfect fit as things like this cannot be altered once put on a ring.

For all online orders a finger measurer is available upon request. (Pictured)


We're not saying that you need to make a definite decision about the style of wedding band you'd like as we know that for some a wedding can be a while away, however if choosing a unique design you may want to consider how it will sit alongside another ring. Some engagement rings don't allow a wedding band to sit flush alongside it. If you are having channel set diamonds in your engagement ring, would you maybe want a plain band or vis versa? The engagement ring design is only half of the equation.


This is simple if purchasing from House of Solus as all our engagement rings, whether it's a design on our online platform or one you have made yourself will always be GIA certified if diamonds are involved. House of Solus only deal in certified stones of the highest quality. With every diamond purchase you will receive the diamonds own certification. With the uncertainty of Brexit diamond prices are extremely uncertain and this can often mean imported diamonds are being bought without any certification.

For more information read our previous blog 'What to look for in a diamond,' where you will find more information about the GIA process.


Whilst we all want the best deal when it comes to buying a special ring you need to be clear as to what you are getting for your money. You don't want to be paying extortionate mark up prices. All jewellery designs at House of Solus have yet to be made so you can be assured that all work is has been made to your budget.

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