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We can’t believe that we’re about to enter another decade! It sounds crazy doesn’t it? When we speak to the people who come into the studio about the New Year and their plans for their future, there’s a sense of excitement; a feeling of ‘making a fresh start’ and prosperity for 2020.

A big question we often get asked, especially during the design process with a client is our predictions for engagement ring trends. Is there a metal that’s favoured more than another? Will there be a specific stone other than the classic diamond that will take centre stage for 2020? If these sound familiar questions and you’re looking to design an engagement ring in the following months, sit back as we guide you through our engagement ring style predictions for next year.

Keep it classic. The Solitaire.

If you’re looking for something that’s ‘on trend’ but won’t go out of style then look no further than a classic solitaire ring. The centre stone is the wow factor for this design. Timeless, classic and sophisticated. You really can’t go wrong with a solitaire design. During a design appointment we can show you shapes of gems for your centre stone. Although round cut diamonds seem to be a popular choice, we predict that emerald cut gems will make their own statement for 2020. With the likes of Jennifer Lawrence and Jennifer Lopez

both adorning emerald cut engagement rings this year, we predict that it will be a cut that’s going to rise in popularity.

The trilogy ring.

A trend that’s popular and we predict will soar next year is the trilogy ring. One of the main reasons people love designing a three stone ring is because of its possibilities. You can play around with different cuts and shapes of gems as well as colour. Trilogy rings are popular to those who want to symbolise a meaning. We loved the design of this platinum ring we made earlier this year. Made up of pink sapphire, aquamarine and amethyst stones, each one was chosen to symbolise a family member. This is such a beautiful example of how personal bespoke jewellery can be.


With the market saturated in diamond engagement rings that you can buy from a shop window, many women are looking for ways that their ring will stand out from the rest.

‘Choosing a gemstone for your centre stone will always guarantee a talking point when it comes to your engagement ring,’ says Creative Director Gemma. ‘It automatically creates a totally unique look, without losing the feel of an engagement ring. The Sapphire is a great alternative to a diamond. They are a strong gemstone which makes them perfect for everyday wear.’

Royal blue continues to be a favourite colour for a sapphire; however we’ve seen a rise in various colours such as the growth of the pink sapphire. We loved commissioning this design from earlier in the year; a pink vintage sapphire in a platinum halo. A real showstopper.

Vintage designs

Vintage styles will be a style that’ll certainly be trending for 2020. The beauty of having a ring commissioned by us is we incorporate your favourite elements from a vintage ring and use our latest CAD technology to make that design a modern reality. Our re-design service continues to grow in popularity year upon year. We loved having the chance to restore this 9 carat yellow gold ring back to it’s natural beauty. Creating a piece of new jewellery out of a preloved ring can bring a new sentimental meaning to your engagement ring.

Yellow gold.

A metal that’s really grown in popularity over the last eighteen months has been yellow gold.

With the likes of Meghan Markle and Hailey Beiber adopting a yellow gold rings as their choice of engagement rings, it’s no wonder we saw a massive upward trend for this metal.

A beautiful diamond, set alongside a yellow gold band makes a beautiful juxtaposition for a solitaire design.

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